When should you hire an accountant? We shed light on the big question.

Thinking of hiring an accountant? Well first of all I congratulate you on a very wise decision. They are worth their weight in gold and really take the pressure of you, the business owner. Finance paper work is incredibly complicated and boring, get it wrong or submit it late and you are looking at a fine or a painful auditing experience from a bureaucrat. Unlikely to be on many people’s to do list. Does your business need one? Well if you are earning enough money that you should be paying tax then yes, you should 100% hire one. Today.

Of course you can do it yourself but do you really need the extra hassle and work load? I seriously doubt that you do. It’s not as if they are expensive anyway! You are looking at a few hundred pounds or much less depending on the size of your accountants. It’s really a no brainier to hire one straight away and keep everything in good working order. Especially if you are unlucky and end up getting audited you can simply call your accountant and all the paper work is there for the tax man to examine. Perfect.

My business is based in Darlington a fairly large town in the North East so I was scouring the internet looking for the best accountant in Darlington. I ended up going with one that was recommended to me by a good friend who had used them for years and years. If you are in the area then I too would recommend themĀ http://www.accountants-northeast.co.uk/contact/

So before your business gets too big or you are looking to grow your company up to the next level. Hire a professional. Not only will they sort your paper work and accountants but they can offer solid business advice and end up saving you more money than you spend on them in the first place. My advice is that if you are reading this now your next stop should be google to find yourself a reputable chartered accountant for your company. You can thank me later.

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